Don’t let your heart be frozen



The message we’re supposed to take away from Frozen is that true love is found in sisters, in family, and in women. True love is not necessarily found in Prince charming.

But I think there’s a bigger message at play in this particular Disney classic. One that is equally if not more important for young girls and women to learn:

Hiding who you really are due to fear of what others will think is harmful not only to you but also to everyone around you.

Elsa hurt herself. She hurt Ana. She hurt the people of the town.

And why?

Because she was told by her parents that she needed to be something that she wasn’t.

It wasn’t Ana’s frozen heart that needed thawed. It was Elsa’s.

Elsa spent years building walls around herself under the false assumption that being someone else was best for everyone. Elsa didn’t fit “the mold”. She wasn’t what a real princess should be according to her parents and maybe society as well. Somehow the real Elsa was something that shouldn’t be allowed, something that needed to be hidden away in order to be accepted and liked by everyone else.

Why? Why couldn’t Elsa be herself?

Why can’t we just be ourselves?

Why do we need to fit “the mold”? And who the hell decides the mold anyway?

And why can’t we see that attempting to fit the mold is damaging, self-destructive and it freezes our hearts?

Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. ~Dr. Seuss

Yes, the message about true love thawing a broken heart is powerful. Yes, the message that we need to find love in other women not just a man is something all girls should learn.

But maybe, just maybe, the real message, the most powerful take away from Frozen is this:

Hiding those aspects that are central to your being does nothing but strip you and everyone around you of the opportunity to love you for who you really are. It keeps everyone, including you, from loving the real you.


Instead of looking for someone to thaw your frozen heart, don’t allow what others think to freeze your heart in the first place. That’s the lesson from Frozen that we should be teaching. That’s the true essence of love.